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Avesta: Zoroastrian Archives The scriptures of Zoroastrianism. This ancient religion was the dominant world religion at the time of Jesus, and had a tremendous influence on Judaism, Christianity, and other religions. Also included is information on Avestan and Indo-european languages. What every second grader ought to know! [Stats]
Archives of Western Esoterica Writings of Renaissance esoteric philosophers Johannes Trithemius, Dr. John Dee, and Giordano Bruno who sought to integrate the Greek, Hebrew, and Christian mystical traditions with the view of unifying the rapidly disintegrating religious factions and also ending the constant political strife. [Stats]
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MIDI: Classical MIDI Archives
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"Why, I say, do so few understand and apprehend the internal power? ... He who in himself sees all things, is all things"
-- Giordano Bruno