Reproduction tarot cards

I have had a life-long fascination with playing cards, and especially tarot cards. The challenge of reconstructing the missing cards from the earliest representative of the Tarot de Marseille design was irresistable to me. The result has been very popular.

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Jean Noblet Tarot "de Marseille", Reproduction of deck dated 1659

Noblet Tarot reproduction Sorry, these are now sold out.

Restoration of the oldest Tarot de Marseille deck: Jean Noblet Tarot;

79 cards:

  • Reproduction of the 73 original surviving cards
  • Missing 6-10 of swords carefully reconstructed
  • Supplemental bateleur card with optional correction (wand restored)
  • High quality modern cardstock for durability and usability
ISBN 13: 9780692660683

Sarah demonstrates shuffling and dealing sample spread.

Viéville Tarot, Reproduction of deck dated 1650

Sorry, these are now sold out.

Walk-through on Youtube walk-through on Youtube

Sarah demonstrates shuffling and dealing sample spread.

Trump card names (as printed on the 2 of cups and ace of coins)

0. Ma
1. Baga
2. La Papesse
3. l'inperatryce
4. l'anpereur
5. le pape
6. Amoureux
7. yustice (cp Noblet #8)
8. prins quy soit trannay (cp Noblet #7)
9. a force (cp Noblet #11)
10. (rota)
Madman or beggar
The Juggler
The Popess
The Empress
The Emperor
The Pope
The Lovers
The Prince who is being pulled
11. vielart (cp Noblet #9)
12. Pendue
13. (mort)
14. ceste dame
15. au dyable
16. la foudre
17. L'esetoilles
18. La lune
19. le soleil
20. son de trompe
21. Le monde depar
The Hermit
The Hanged Man
The Chaste Woman
To the Devil
The Stars
The Moon
The Sun
Sound the Trumpet
Depart the World