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The Offices of Spirits, excepted from Sloane 3853, Wellcome 110, and Ad. 36674.

Transcription 2015 by Joseph H. Peterson.

Compare with list in Weyer's Pseudomonarchia Daemonum.


The officis of the Spirits

Compare Weyer, Folger, Wellcome MS 110, fol. 32r.

[Bertin - a duke]

Bertin is a great duke & wyll apere in the lyknes of a crewell bere, havynge a dragones tayle & he is very expert in the vrtue of Erbys [herbs] & presyus stones & wyll cary a man from Region to region most swyftlye & he caryethe a man saff [safe] and haueth 30 legiones of sprits.

Compare W11: Pursan/Curson. Compare Folger 38 -- Bartyn.

Gorsior - a kynge

Gorsior is a gret & a myghtye kynge & wyll apere lyke a man hauyinge a liones face & crowned wt a diademe bearynge in his hand head a ferse [fierce] viper and rideth upon A bere & before him goeth trompets & he knoweth all thynges very well / hydn treasure & wyll gladly apere gevynge trew answerys & hath 6 legiones of spryts.

Cp. Folger Gorsyar.

Algor - a duke:

Algor is a gret duke & wyll apere in the lykness of a fayer knyght berynge his spere in his hand, gevynge trew answers & shewythe all dowts & howe thaye maybe brought to pass, & what thynges shall happen & hathe under hym 30 legions of Spryghts.



Compare W12: Eligor/Abigor, and Folger: "Allogor."

Berci - a captayne

Berci is a gret revler & wyll apere in þe liknes of an archer berynge A bowe, & A quivor of Iroz [=arrows] & is þe begynner of warres & makethe to shote nere the marke & hathe under hym 30 legion of spryts.

Compare W13: Loray/Oray, and Folger "Barsy."

Corax is an Erle

Corax is a gret Erle aperynge in þe liknes of a bull & sumtyme lyke a man hauynge wonderful knowlage in astronomye & knoweth all thinges and hathe under hym 90 legions of spryts.

Compare W15: Morax, and Folger: Goorax.

Glolas is a prynce

Glolas is a myghtye prynce & wyll apere in þe lyknes of a dogge hauynge wynges, & a cheff (?) leder of inbrderers (?) and knowethe thynges past & thynges to com, and gevethe knowlage of fryndes & Enemyes and make a man to goo invisible & hathe 20 legions of sprytes.

Compare Folger: Gloolas, and W18: Glasya labolas.

Globa a duke

Globa is a gret duke & wyll apere in þe lyknes of a man & is þe cheff ruler of women & make them to borne [=burn] in love & hathe under hym 20 legions of spryts.

Compare Folger: Globa.

Merchius is a duke

Merchius ys a gret duke & aperethe in the lyknes off a stronge man, hauynge a serpents tayle & is very expert in þe vrtue of erbes & stones & wyll cary a man from contraye to contraye and hathe 30 Legiones of spryts.

Compare Folger: Marshiones.

Robo ys a prynce

Robo ys a gret prynce And wyll apere in þe lyknes of an Armed knyght hauynge an hed lyke a lyon and Eyes flamynge & Ridethe upon a blake horse and gevethe gold and Syluer & hathe 49 legiones of spryts.

Compare Folger: Rewboo.

Scor is a duke.

Scor is a duke grete & wyll apere in þe lyknes of a man & ridethe upon a bere & wyll set tresur in þe ground and is trewe in hys workynges and hathe 30 Legiones.

Compare Folger: Skor, but description differs somewhat.

4 kynges.

These be the 4 kynges of the Ayer as thes. Oriens in the Est, & paymon in the west & Amaymon in the Southe & Egim in the northe.



Names of the spryts in þe est parte


names off sprits in the Southe parte


Names off sprits in the west parte

dagon l

names off sprits of þe northe parte


Wellcome MS. 110 (excerpts)



The office of Spirits.

Virtyn is a great duke and will appeere in the likenes of a cruell beare hauinge a dragons taile & he is very expert in the vertue of herbes, precious stones, & will cary a man from region to region most swiftly, & he carieth a man saffe [safe], and hay under him 30 legion.

Compare Weyer 11: Pursan/Curson; Folger 38 -- Bartyn; Sl. 3853, fol. 257r: Bertin.

Gorsyer a great & a mightie kinge & will appeere like a man hauinge a lyons face & crowned with a diadem, bearinge in his hand head a feerce [fierce] vyper, and rideth upon a beare, & before him goeth trumpets, & he knoweth well all thinges past, & all secrets, & all hyd treasures, & will gladly shew him, giuinge true answers to all hard & secret questions, & hath under him 7 legions.

Cp. Folger Gorsyar; Sl. 3853: Gorsior.

[Officiorum Spirituum, from Ad. 36674 fol. 65r]

Sl. 3850 77r has another copy of this.

1. Gomory dux fortis & potens: apparet ut mulier pulcherrima ac ducali cingitur corona, in Camelo equitans, bene & vere respondet de præteritis, præsentibus & futuris, & occultis thesauris ubi lateant, conciliat amorem mulierum, & maxime puellarum, imperat legionibus viginti sex.

2. Zagan magnus praeses & rex, ut Taurus prodit cum alis ad modum gryphis, sed assumpta hominis forma, hominem ingeniosum reddit: transmutat cuncta metallorum genera in monetam illius ditionis, & aquam in vinum, [& è diverso: sanguinem quoque in oleum, & contra: & stultum in sapientem.] Præest 33bus legionibus.

3. Sytry alias Bytru, magnus princeps, Leopardi facie apparens, habensque alias quasi Gryphis: quando autem humanam assumit formam, mire pulcher videtur, hominem incendit mulieris amore, mulierem vicissim alterius desiderio incitat: Iussus libenter secreta faeminarum detegit, eas ridens ludificansque, ut se luxuriose nudent, praest legionibus 60.

4. Eligor alias Abigor, dux magnus, ut miles apparet de occultis respondet & bellis, futura scit, & gratiam apud omnes Dominos milites conciliat, praest legionibus 60.

5. Purson alias Curson, magnus rex prodit, ut homo facie leonina, callet præterita, præsentia, & futura scit. aperit occulta, thesauros detegit, familiares parit optimos, praest legionibus 22.

6. Vual dux magnus & fortis, conspicitur ut Dromedarius magnus & terribilis, at in humana forma sonat linguam Ægiptiacam grauiter: hic præ cæteris amorem maxime mulierum conciliat. Inde nouit præterita, præsentia, & futura, gratiamque confert amicorum & inimicorum.

7. Scor can bring money is true to the commandements of any Exorcist, he appeareth like a swanne.

Compare Folger p. 81, Star.

8. Algor can tell of all secret things, & give love & favourto all great persons he appeareth like a faire knight.

Compare Folger p. 81, Algor.

9. Sefon can tell all things past present & to come, & hath power to shew thee where treasure is hidden, & maketh thee familiar with every man he appeareth in the likeness of a man.

These three last recited are under Oriens king of the East.

Compare Folger p. 81, Seson.

10. Partas when he receiueth the shape of a man, can tell the vertues of herbs & stones, make invisible & spoken, restore sight which is lost, & shew the place of treasure & secretts.

Compare Folger p. 82, Partas.

11. Gamor when he doth receiue mans shape can meruaylously enforme to haue the favours of greate persons & sheweth of any treasure that is hid which any spirit keepeth.

These are under Amamion kinge of the Sowth [=South].

Compare Folger p. 82, Gamor.

12. Vmbra can giue dignity & familiarity & tell all things to come, he can convey money from place to place if thow bid him: he is very true, he cometh like a Gyant [=giant].

Compare Folger p. 84, Hinbra.

13. Anaboth he hath power to make thee merveylous cunning in Negromancy & to shew of all hid treasure, to tell who keepeth it & if he be of the North he will driue him away, also he can tell thee of any strang thinge thou canst aske him. he cometh like an Armed knight.

These are under Egin king of the North.

Compare Folger p. 84, Annoboth vel Anaboth.

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