Liber exercitii Heptarchici

("Book of the Exercise Heptarchicall")
Dr. John Dee, 1588.

This digital edition by Joseph H. Peterson, 2023; updated Feb 13, 2023.

License CC-BY 4.0.

Oxford Bodleian Ashmole 1790 (ff 22r-27r) contains another partial draft copy of Dee's Heptarchia Mystica with some interesting variants, especially of the magic ring. It includes some passages not found in HM or CHM. It also preserves some readings from Sloane 3188 (58v) that were lost early on because of physical damage, as evidenced by the fact that Ashmole was unable to read them when he was making his copies.


{....} Ianua{..}

Liber exercitii Heptag{...}


Dee translates the title as "Book of the Exercise Heptarchicall" in HM cap. 3. Sl. 3191 36v.

[22v is blank]


Anno 1588 collecta, et
conscripta tali quali




Δ - Uriel cam in agayne, and an other with him, and iointly they two sayde togither, Glorify God for euer. [And Now Uriel stode behind, & the other sat down in the chayr, with a sword in his right hand. All his hed glistred like the sonne: his heare of his hed was long. He had wyngs: & all his lower parts semed to be with feathers. He had a robe over his body: & a great light in his left hand. he sayd

We are blessed from the begynning: and blessed be the Name of God for euer.

{Martii 11}

Δ - An innumerable Cumpany of Angels were abowt him: & Uriel did leane on the square table by: He that sat in the Chayre, sayde then:

Mich[ael]: Go forward. God hath blessed thee. I will be thy Guyde. Thow shalt atteyn unto thy serching.
The world begynns with thy doings.
Prayse God.
The Angels under my powre shall be at thy Commanndement. Lo, I will do thus much for thee. Thow shalt see me, I wilbe seen of thee: And I will direct thy liuing & conversation. Those that sowght thy life are vanished away.

Put up thy pen.

— Now Uriel Michael thrust out his right arme, with the sworde: & bad the Skryer to loke. Then his sword did seme to cleave in two: & a great fyre flamed out of it vehemently. Then he toke a ring out of the flame of his sworde: & gave it to Uriel, and sayd, The strength of God is unspeakable. Praysed be god for ever and ever. Then Uriel did make cursy to him.

Martii 14 [1582].

Mich. — After this sort must thy ring be. Note it.

Mi: I will reveale thee this ring: which was never revealed, since the death of Salomon: with whom I was present. I was present with him in strength, [25r] <in strength,> & mercy. Lo this it is. This it is, wherewith, all miracles and divine works and wonders were wrowght by Salomon. This it is which I have revealed unto thee. This it is which Philosophy dreameth of. This it is which the Angels skarse know. This it is: and blessed be his name. Yea his name be blessed for ever. &c.

Δ - Then he layd the ring down uppon the Table and sayd, Note. &c.

[Δ - I noted the ring {...}s in all points.]

After that he threw the ring down uppon the Table, and it semed to fall throwgh the Table.

Michael — So shall it do at thy Commandement. Without this thow shallt do Nothing. Blessed be his Name, that cumpasseth all things: Wonders are in him, & his Name is Wonderfull. His name worketh wonders from Generation, to Generation.


Mi. — Note. Δ — Then he browght in the seale, which he shewed the other daye: and opened his sword: and bad the Skryer, reade: and he Red, EMETH

Then the Sworde closed up again: & he sayd [Mi: — This I do open unto thee, bycause, thow marvayldst at Sigillum Dei. This is the Name of the seale: which be blessed for ever. This is the seale self. This is holy. This is pure. This is for ever. Amen.


Mich. As truely as I was with Salomon, so truely will I be with thee. &c. I was with Salomon in all his works and wunders.

Use me, in the name of god, for all occasions.

Martii 15, [1582].


Δ - The chayre was browght in agayne and I axed what it ment?

Ur[iel]: This is a seat of perfection: from the which, things shall be shewed unto thee which thow hast long desyred.

Δ - Than was there a square Table browght into the Stone. And I demanded, what that Table betokened.

Ur[iel]: - A Mysterie not yet to be knowne. These two shall remayne in the stone, to the sight of all undefyled creatures.

You must use a fowre square Table, two Cubits s{quare,} whereuppon must be set Sigillum ^Dei Divinatis.

This seale must not be loked uppon, without great reverence & devotion.

This seale is to be made of perfect wax.

This seale must be 9 ynches square.*

The rowndness must be 27 ynches & somwhat more. The thiknes of it must be an ynch & a half quarter, and a figure of a Crosse, must be on the backside of it, made thus:

* Diameter

The Table is to be made of swete wood: & of two Cubits high: with 4 fete with 4 of the former seales under the 4 feete.

Under the Table did seame to be layd red silk two yards square, And over the seale, did seame likewise red sylk to lye fowr square broader then the Table, hanging down with 4 k{nopps} or tassels at the 4 corners therof.

Uppon this uppermost red silk did seme the stone with the frame to be set: right over & u{ppon} the principall seale: Saving that the sayd sylk was betwene the one, & the other.

Sl. 3188 10r; Sl. 3191 39v.


Of the Title & generall {con}tents of this boke

{No}w you towche the world, and thy doings uppon Earth. Now we shew unto you the lower world. The Governors that work and rule under god. By whome you may have power to work such things as shalbe to Gods glory & profit of your Cuntry, and the knowledge of his Creatures &c.

We procede to One God, one knowledg, One Operation.

Venite filiae.

{April 29}
1582. [=Sl. 3188 36r. -Ed.]

Behold these Tables. Herein ly theyr Names, that work under god uppon earth. Not of the wicked, but of the Angels of Light. The whole government doth consist in the hands of 49 (in God his powre, strength, mercy, and Justice) whose Names are here evydent, excellent, & glorious. Mark these Tables, Mark them, Record them to your Cumfort. This is the first knowledge. Here shall you have wisdome. Halleluyah.

Mighty and Omnipotent art thow o god, God, God, amongst thy Creatures. Thow fillest all things, with thy excellent foresight. Thy Glory be amongst us for ever. — Δ. Amen.

One of those 7 Dowghters1 stept furth and sayd

1. Not in MLQ, HM, or CHM? -Ed.

{Byne}por 1: Wilt thow have witt & wisdome: Here it is [poynting to the middle Table.

{Blum}aza 2 — An other sayd, The exaltation & government of Princes is in my hand. pointing to that on the left hand of the 2 uppermost.

{..}es 3 — In cownsayle & Nobilitie I prevayle.] pointing to the other of the two uppermost, which is on the right hand.

Bob 4 — The gayne & Trade of Merchandise is in my hand: Lo, here it is.

Bnaspol* 5 — The Quality of the Erth & waters is my knowledge, & I know them & here it is.

Baligon* 6 — The motion of the ayr, & those that move in it: are all known to me. Lo here, they are.

Sl. 3188 39r. -Ed.

Bag{..} 7: I signify wisdom: In fire is my government. I was in the begynning, & shall be to the ende.

Michael: Mark these Mysteries: For, this known, the state of the whole earth is known, and all that is thereon. &c.

The dawghters

  • The first had bokes in hir hand.
  • The second a crown in hir hand.
  • The third, Robes.
  • The 4th Animal quadrupes vicium omnim colorum.
  • The fifth, Herbes.
  • The sixth, a fanne.
  • The seventh, a flame of fyre in her hand.

Sl. 3188 39r; not included in HM or CHM.

Mich. Decedite in nomine eius, qui vos huc misit.


Ur. The fowntayne of wisdome is opened: Nature shall {be knowne.}
Erth with her secrets disclosed.
The Elements with theyr powres iudged &c.

Ur — Behold I teache: There are 49 Angels glorious &d excell{ent:} appointed for the government of all earthly Actions: which 4, do work & dispose the will of the Creator: Limited from the begynning, in strength, powr, & glory. These shalbe subject unto you. In the Name & by Invocating uppon the name of god: who doth lighten, dispose & cumfort you. &c.

Anno 1582
Aprilis 29.

(Sl.3188, 39v. -Ed.)

By them shall you work &c.

Take hede thow abuse not this excellency, nor overshaddow it with vanyty. But stick firmely, absolutely, and perfectly in the love of God (for his honor) togither.

What doth the heaven behold, or the erth conteyne, that is not, or may be subdued, formed and made by these? What lerning grownded uppon wisdome, with the excellencies in Nature, cannot they manifest?

One in heven they know:
One, and all in man they know:
One and all in Earth they know.

Measure heven by a parte (my meaning is, by these few).

Let God be glorified: His name praysed: His Creation well taken: and his Creatures well used.

King Carmara (Novemb. 19) of King Bobogel, his Ministers

(Sl. 3188, 54r-v. -Ed.)


Notes for practise

In Carmara his Name, with my name, by my Character, and the rest {of my} ministers, are these things browght to passe. lib.o 4. fol. {..}

It is wrought (I say,) for thy understanding by the seven of the seven, which {were} the sonns of Sempiternity: whose names thow hast written, and recorded {to} gods glory. — lib. 4. fol. 2.b.

Here is his name (pointing to [Δ = Carmara] on the upper part of {the} Globe.) Notwithstanding I am his Minister There are kings fals and uniust, whose powre I have subuerted and destroyed: So shalt tho{w.} lib.o 2o

Filii filiorum

Δ — Note: One Hagonel: is one of seven of Filii Filiorum. which is not {those?} Hagonel: the Governer of them.

Illi autem cum filiis suis laudaverunt Deum. Benedictus est qui filius est unicus et Gloria Mundi. Eodem folio lib, 4i.

Whan thow wilt work ^for any thing, apperteyning unto the estate of a good king. Thow must first call uppon him, which is theyr prince.

Secondly the ministers of his powr are six: whose names conteyn 7 letters apece: as thy Tables do manifest: by whome in generally, or by any of them in particularity, thow shalt work for any intent or purpose.

As concerning the letters particularly, they do concerne the names of 42. which 42 in generally, or one of them, do and can work, the destruction, hindrance or annoyance of the estate, condition, or degree as well for body as government of any wycked or yll living Prince. &c.

lib. 4o,
fol. 6.b.
Note Six thus considered.

Yf it rule worldly princes, how much more shall it work with the Princes of Creation? fol. 7. lib. 4.

Thow desyrest use. I teach use, & yet the Art is to the farder understanding of all Sciences, that are past, present or yet to come. Ibidem.

All Sciences.

Kings there are in Nature, with Nature, and above Nature. Thow art dignified. Ibidem.

Note — first cast thy ey unto the generall prince, Governor or Angel, that is principall in this World.

Note this generally 4 governer in this world {..} use {..} 15. {..}

1. Then place my name, whome thow hast all redy:1

2. Than the name of him that was shewed thee yesterday (short coate / purple)2

3. Than his power, with the rest of his six perfect ministers.3

1. Carmara —

2. Hagonel —

3. Six perfect Ministers: Perchanc IL, AU, AVE, Liba, Rocle, Ilemes.

With these thow shalt work to a good ende. All the rest thow mayst use to Gods glory. for every of them shall minister to thy Necessityes.

Moreover when thow workest, thy fete must be placed: uppon those Tablets which thow seest written last comprehending 42 letters & names. But with this Consideration, that the first Character, which is the first of the 7, in thy former boke, be placed uppon the Top of the Table; which thow wast, & art, & shalbe commannded to have & use.

The Practisers feete.

{..} ☉ Δ when I deal with the requests {..} & {..} ☉ +

Last of all the ring, which was appointed thee: With the lamine comprehending the forme of thine own na{me:} which is to be made in perfect gold: as is affore sayd.


{........} of Bobogel, his Prince, & {..}

As the former are chiefly uppon the day which you call monday, so are these to be used only on the Sabao[t]h day.

Theyr use is onely thus (obseruing the former order) with the Circle uppon the grownd.

The first six with theyr King, & seale of theyr prince: taketh place in the whole body of the day: the other being 6 tymes 6, ar divyded into the parts of the day, as before.

The Letters onely where they stode, are theyr names and Characters.

What doth the heven behold, or the erth conteyne, that is not (or may be) subdued, formed, and made by these? & foli{..}

{..} grownd

{..} Six tables (?) {..} letters {..} the 6 rowes of {..}


[=Sl. 3188 54r. -Ed.]

Δ In Babalel & Befafes reg{...}

Lo thus thow seest the glory of Gods Creatures: whome thou mayst use with the consideration of the Day, theyr king, theyr Prince, and his Character.


[Nov 20, 1582; Sl. 3188 55v -Ed.]

The king & prince govern for the whole day: the rest according to the six parts of the day.

Use them to the glory, prayse and honor of him, which created them, to the lawde & prayse of his Maiestie.

A day is 24 howres.

[Carmara, Nov. 20, 1582; Sl. 3188 55v. -Ed.]

The kings with theyr characters, and the names of thyr 7 living and semper adherent ministers: whose names thow mayst see, not onely there written, but openly, & most playnely, truely, and sincerely spoken of before: as, by due examination of thy bokes, thow shalt manifestly perceyve. fol. 14. [=58r. -Ed.]

Not {..}ces (perchance) {..} theyr seales

I of my self being the first, have the government of my self perfectly, as a mystery known to my self: &c. Which thow mayst see in the Heptagonon: where, there wanteth a name. [Δ— There is onely a seale in the first place.] The rest of the six in the utter Circumference of the globe, are the Six Kings orderly following, according as they are written in the Mysteries of the book which do begynne the powres, with theyr princes, & theyr Characters orderly taken, by & uppon the Heptagonon.

The name of the first prince is wanting. -Δ.

This paragraph allows us to restore readings from Sl. 3188 58v that were otherwise lost due to physical damage. -Ed.

The characters of the kings are in the Globe, & of the princes, in the Heptagonon. fol. 15


[K. Carmara, Novemb. 21.]

Theyr own princes ar not put next to theyr kings &c. lib. 5. abowt making of the character, & the setting of the stone. libo 5.

[Sl. 3188 102r]

lok the {.. ..} Bobogel & bornogo as {..} first {.. ..} Baligon & Bagenol his prince & cc.

The words & names.

The characters and words annexed to the kings na{mes in the utter} circumference of the great circle or globe, are {to be paynted} uppon swete wood, & so to be held in thy hand as th{ow shalt} have cause to use them. lib. 5 Ao 1583 Maii 5.

To be holden in my hand.

[Compare Sl. 3188 103r. I think the intent is to paint the "characters and words" on a separate piece of "swete wood" and hold one or more of them in your hand when working with that spirit, not to hold the great crystalline globe itself. They are "The 7 characters of the 7 kings as on the formar page is Babalel, Liba, &c." -Ed.]

These shalbe subject unto you, In the name & by Invocating upp{on the} name of God, which doth lighten, dispose & Cumfort you. {..}

Call uppon the name of God.

[Sl. 3188 39v. -Ed.]

In the myddest therof must the stone be, which was allso {browght} Wherein thow shalt at all tymes behold privately to thy s{elf} the state of Gods people, throwgh the whole erth. Ao 1583 Ma{ii 5.}

Sl. 3188 101v. -Ed.

One thing I answer the, for all officis. Thow hast in subiecti{on} all offices. Use them when it pleas the, and as thy Instruct{ion} hath byn. lib. 5o, Ao 1583, Martii 28, a meridie.

Sl. 3188 68r. -Ed.