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Containing a most briefe Discourse Apologeticall, with a plaine Demonstration, and feruent Protestation, for the lawfull, sincere, very faithfull and Christian course, of the Philosophicall studies and exercises, of a certain studious Gentleman: An ancient Seruant to her most excellent Maiesty Royall.

Pro eo, vt me diligerent, detrahebant mihi: [drawing] Ego autem Orabam. Psalm. 108.

To the most Reuerend father in God, the Lord Archbishop of Canturbury, Primate and Metropolitane of all England, one of her Maiesties most honorable priuy Counsaile: my singular good Lord.

Most humbly and hartily I craue your Graces pardon, if I offende any thing, to send, or present vnto your Graces hand, so simple a discourse as this is: Although, by some sage and discreet my friends their opiniõ, it is thought not to be impertinent, to my most needfull suites, presently in hand, (before her most excellent Maiesty Royall, your Lordships good Grace, and other the Right honorable Lordes of her Maiesties priuy Counsaile) to make some part of my former studies, and studious exercises (within and for these 46, yeeres last past, vsed and continued) to be first knowne and discouered vnto your Grace, and other the Right honorable my good Lordes, of her Maiesties priuy Counsaile: And, Secondly , afterwardes, the same to be permitted to come to publique view: Not so much, to stop the mouthes, and, at length to stay the impudent attemptes, of the rash, and malicious deuisers, and contriuers of most vntrue, foolish, and wicked reports, and fables, of, and concerning my foresaid studious exercises, passed ouer, with great, (yea incredible) paines, trauels, cares, and costs, in the search, and learning of true Philosophie; As, therein, Só, to certifie, and satisfie the godly and vnpartiall Christian hearer, or reader hereof: That, by his own iudgement, (vpon his due consideration, and examination of this, no little parcell, of the particulars of my foresaid studies, and exercised philosophicall annexed) He will, or may, be sufficiently informed, and perswaded; That I haue wonderfully labored, to finde, follow, vse, & haunt the true, straight, and most narrow path, leading all true, deuote, zealous, faithfull, and constant Christian students, ex valle hac miseriæ, & miseria istius vallis: & tenebrarum Regno; & tenebris istius Regni, ad montem sanctum Syon, & ad cælestia tabernacula. All thankes, are most due, therefore, vnto the Almighty: Seeing, it so pleased him, (euen from my youth, by his diuine fauor, grace, and helpe) to insinuate into my hart, an insatiable zeale, & desire, to knowe his truth: And in him, and by him, incessantly to seeke, and listen after the same; by the true philosophicall method and harmony: proceeding and ascending, (as it were) gradatim, from things visible, to consider of thinges inuisible: from thinges bodily, to conceiue of thinges spirituall: from things transitorie, & momentarie, to meditate of things permanent: by thinges mortall (visible and inuisible) to haue some perceiuerance of immortality. And to conclude, most briefely; by the most meruailous frame of the whole World, philosophically viewed, and circumspectly wayed, numbred, and measured (according to the talent, & gift of God, from aboue alotted, for his diuine purposes effecting) most faithfully to loue, honor, and glorifie alwaies, the Framer, and Creator thereof. In whose workmanship, his infinite goodness, vnsearchable wisdome, and Almighty power, yea, his euerlasting* [In marg: Paule to the Rom. Cap. 1. verse 19. 20.] power, and diuinity, may (by innumerable meanes) be manifested, and demonstrated. The truth of which my zealous, carefull, and constant intent, and endeuour specified; may (I hope) easilie appeare by the whole, full and due suruey, and consideration of all the Bookes, Treatises, and discourses, whose Titles onely, are, at this time, here annexed, and expressed: As they are set down in the first Chapter, of an other little Rhapsodicall Treatise, intitled, The Cõpendious Rehearsall, &c. written aboue two yeares since: for those her Maiesties two honorable Commissioners; which her most excellent Maiesty had most graciouslie sent to my poore Cottage, in Mortlake: to vnderstand the matters, and causes at full; through which, I was so extreamely vrged to procure at her Maiesties handes such honorable Surueiors & witnesses to be assigned, for the due proofe of the contents, of my most humble and pitifull supplication, exhibited vnto her most excellent Maiesty, at Hampton Court, An. 1592. Nouemb. 9. Thus therefore (as followeth) is ye said 6. Chapter there, recorded.

My labors and paines bestowed at diuers times, to pleasure my natiue Countrey: by writing of sundry Bookes, and Treatises: some in Latine, some in English, and some of them, written, at her Maiesties commandement.

Of which Bookes, and Treatises, some are printed, and some vnprinted. The printed Bookes, and Treatises are these following:

  1. Propædeumata Aphoristica, De præstantioribus quibusdã Naturæ virtutibus. -- Aphorismi. 120. -- Anno, 1558.
  2. Monas Hieroglyphica, Mathematicè, Anagogicéque explicata; ad Maximilianum (Dei gratia) Romanorum, Bohemiæ, & Hungariæ, Regem sapientissimum an. 1564.
  3. Epistola ad eximium Ducis Vrbini Mathematicum (Fredericum Commandinum) præfixa libello Machometi Bagdedini, De superficierum Diuisionibus; edito in lucem, opera mea, & eiusdem Commandini Vrbinatis; Impressa Pisauri -- Anno -- 1570.
  4. The Brytish Monarchy (otherwise called the Petty Nauy Royall:) for the politique security; abundant wealth, and the triumphant state of this kingdome, (with Gods fauor) procuring -- Anno -- 1576.
  5. My Mathematicall præface annexed to Euclide, (by the right worshipfull Sir Henry Billingsley Knight, in the English language first published) written at the earnest request of sundry right worshipfull Knights, and other very well learned men. Wherein are many Arts, of me, wholy inuented (by name, definition, propriety and vse,) more then either the Græcian, or Roman Mathematiciens, haue left to our knowledge -- Anno -- 1570.
  6. My diuers & many Annotations, and Inuentions Mathematicall, added in sundry places of the foresaid English Euclide, after the tenth Booke of the same -- 1570.
  7. Epistola præfixa Ephemeridibus Ioannis Felde Angli: cui rationem declaraueram Ephemerides conscribendi. 1557.
  8. Paralaticæ Cõmentationis, Praxeosq; Nucleus quidã. 1573.

The vnprinted Bookes and Treatises, are these:

some, perfectly finished: and some, yet vnfinished.

  1. The first great volume of Famous and rich Discoueries: wherein (also) is the History of King Salomon, euery three yeeres, his Ophirian voyage. The Originals of Presbyter Ioannes: and of the first great Cham, and his successors for many yeeres following: The description of diuers wonderfull Iles, in the Northen, Scythian, Tartarian, and the other most Northen Seas, and neere vnder the North Pole: by Record, written aboue 1200. yeeres since: with diuers other rarities -- Anno -- 1576.
  2. The Brytish Complement, of the perfect Art of Nauigation; A great volume: in which, are contained our Queene Elizabeth her Arithmeticall Tables Gubernauticke: for Nauigation by the Paradoxall compasse (of me, inuented anno 1557.) and Nauigation by great Circles: and for longitudes, and latitudes; and the variation of the compasse finding most easilie, and speedily: yea, (if neede be) in one minute of time, and sometime, without sight of sunne, moone, or star; with many other, new and needefull inuentions Gubernauticke -- anno -- 1576.
  3. Her Maiesties Title Royall, to many forrain Cuntries, kingdomes, and prouinces, by good testimony and sufficient proofe recorded: and in 12 Velam skins of parchment, faire written: for her Maiesties vse: and at her Maiesties commandement -- anno -- 1578
  4. De Imperatoris Nomine, Authoritate, & Potentia: dedicated to her Maiesty -- anno -- 1579
  5. Prolegomena & Dictata Parisiensia, in Euclidis Elementorum Geometricorum, librum primum, & secundum, in Collegio Rhemensi -- anno -- 1550.
  6. De vsu Globi Cælestis: ad Regem Edoardum sextum. 1550
  7. The Art of Logicke, in English -- anno -- 1547.
  8. The 13. Sophisticall Fallaciãs, with their Discoueries, written in English meter -- anno -- 1548.
  9. Mercurius Cælestis: libri - 24. written at Louayn -- 1549.
  10. De Nubium, Solis, Lunæ ac reliquorum Planetarum, immò ipsius stelliferi Cæli, ab infimo Terræ Centro, distantijs, mutuisq; interuallis, & eorundem omnium Magnitudine liber [figure 2], ad Edoardum Sextum, Angliæ Regem. Anno -- 1551.
  11. Aphorismi Astrologici -- 300. -- anno -- 1553.
  12. The true cause, and account (not vulgar) of Fluds and Ebbs: written at the request of the right honorable Lady, Lady Iane, Duchesse of Northumberland -- anno -- 1553.
  13. The Philosophicall and Poeticall Originall occasions, of the Configurations, and names of the heauenly Asterismes -- written at the request of the same Duchesse. Anno. 1553.
  14. The Astronomicall, & logisticall rules, and Canons, to calculate the Ephemerides by, and other necessary accounts of heauenly motions: written at the request, and for the vse of that excellent Mechanicien Maister Richard Chauncelor, at his last voyage into Moschouia -- anno -- 1553.
  15. De Acribologia Mathematica; volumen magnum: sexdecim continens libros -- anno -- 1555
  16. Inuentum Mechanicum, Paradoxum, De noua ratione delineandi Circumferentiam Circularem: vnde, valde rara alia excogitari perficíque poterunt problemata. An. 1556.
  17. De speculis Comburentibus: libri sex -- Anno -- 1557.
  18. De Perspectiua illa, qua peritissimi vtuntur Pictores. 1557.
  19. Speculum vnitatis: siue Apologia pro Fratre Rogerio Bachone Anglo: in qua docetur nihil illum per Dæmoniorum fecisse auxilia, sed philosophum fuisse maximum; naturaliterque & modis homini Christiano licitis, maximas fecisse res, quas indoctum solet vulgus, in Dæmoniorum referre facinora -- Anno -- 1557.
  20. De Annuli Astronimici multiplici vsu -- lib. 2 -- Anno. 1557.
  21. Trochilica Inuenta -- lib -- 2 -- Anno -- 1558.
  22. [figure 3] -- lib -- 3 -- Anno -- 1558.
  23. De tertia & præcipua Perspectiuæ parte, quæ de Radiorum fractione tracte -- libri -- 3 -- Anno -- 1559.
  24. De Itinere subterraneo -- libri -- 2 -- Anno -- 1560.
  25. De Triangulorum rectilineorum Areis -- libri -- 3 -- demonstrati: ad excellentissimum Mathematicum Petrum Nonium conscripti -- Anno -- 1560.
  26. Cabalæ Hebraicæ compendiosa tabella -- Anno -- 1562.
  27. Reipublicæ Britannicæ Synopsis: in English -- Anno. 1565.
  28. De Trigono Circinóque Analogico, Opusculum, Mathematicum & Mechanicum -- libri __ 4 -- Anno -- 1565.
  29. De stella admiranda, in Cassiopeæ Asterismo, cælitus demissa ad orbem vsque veneris: Iterumque in Cæli penetralia perpendiculariter retracta, post decimum sextum suæ apparitionis mensem -- Anno -- 1573.
  30. Hipparchus Rediuiuus -- Tractatulus -- Anno. 1573.
  31. De vnico Mago, & triplici Herode, eéque Antichristiano. Anno -- 1570.
  32. Ten sundry and very rare Heraldical Blasonings of one Crest or Cognisance, lawfully confirmed to containe auncient Armes -- lib. 1. -- Anno -- 1574.
  33. Atlantidis, (vulgariter, Indiæ Occidentalis nominatæ) emendatior descriptio Hydrographica, quàm vlla alia adhuc euulgata -- anno - 1580.
  34. De modo Euangelij Iesu Christi publicandi, propagandi, stabiliendique, inter Infideles Atlanticos: volumen magnum, libris in distinctum quatuor: quorum primus ad Serenissimam nostram Potentissimamque Reginam Elizabetham inscribitur: Secundus, ad summos priuati suæ sacræ Maiestatis consilij senatores: Tertius, ad Hispaniarum Regem, Philippum: Quartus, ad Pontificem Romanum -- anno 1581.
  35. Nauigationis ad Cathayum per Septentrionalia Scythiæ & Tartariæ litora, Delineatio Hydrographica: Arthuro Pit, & Carolo Iackmanno Anglis, versus illas partes Nauigaturis, in manus tradita; cum admirandarum quarundam Insularum annotatione, in illis subpolaribus partibus iacentium -- anno -- 1580.
  36. Hemisphærij Borealis Geographica, atque Hydrographica descriptio: longè a vulgatis chartis diuersa: Anglis quibusdam, versus Atlantidis Septentrionalia litora, nauigationem instituentibus, dono data -- anno -- 6583
  37. The Originals, and chiefe points, of our auncient Brytish Histories, discoursed vpon, and examined -- anno -- 1583.
  38. An aduise & discourse about the Reformation of the vulgar Iulian yeere -- written by her Maiesties commandement, and the Lords of the priuy Counsaile -- anno -- 1582.
  39. Certaine considerations, and conferrings together, of these three sentences, (aunciently accounted as Oracles) Nosce te ipsum: Homo Homini Deus: Homo Homini Lupus. 1592.
  40. De hominis Corpore, Spiritu, & Anima: siue Microcosmicum totius Philosophiæ Naturalis Compendium -- lib. 1 -- 1591

With many other bookes, pamphlets, discourses, inuentions, and conclusions, in diuers Artes and matters: whose names, need not in this Abstract to be notified: The most part of all which, here specified, lie heere before your Honours vpon the table, on your left hand. But by other bookes and writings, of an other sort, (if it so please God, and that he wil grant me life, health, and due maintenance thereto, for some ten or twelue yeares next ensuing) I may, hereafter make plaine, and without doubt, this sentence to be true, Plura latent, quàm patent.

Thus far (my good Lord) haue I set downe this Catalogus, out of the foresaid sixt Chapter, of the booke, whose title is this:

  1. The Compendious rehearsall of Iohn Dee, his dutifull declaration and proofe of the course and race of his studious life, for the space of halfe an hundred yeeres, now (by Gods fauor and helpe) fully spent, &c.

To which compendious rehearsall, doth now belong an Appendix, of thefe two last yeeres: In which I haue had many iust occasions, to confesse, that Homo Homini Deus, and Homo Homini Lupus, was and is an Argument, worthy of the decyphering, & large discussing: as may, one day, hereafter (by Gods helpe) be published, in some maner very strange. And besides all the rehearsed books, & treatises of my writing, or handling hitherto, I haue iust cause, lately giuen me to write & publish a Treatise, with Title, De Horizonte Aeternitatis: to make euident, that one Andreas Libauius, in a booke of his, printed the last yeere, hath vnduly considered a phrase of my Monas Hieroglyphica: to his misliking: by his own vnskilfulnes in such matter: and not vnderstanding my apt application thereof, in one of the very principal places, of the whole book. And this booke of mine, (by Gods help and fauour) shall be dedicated vnto her moft excellent maiesty Roiall: And this Treatise doth containe three bookes,

  1. The first intitled, De Horizonte: liber Mathematicus & Physicus,
  2. The Secõd, De Aeternitate: liber Theologicus, Metaphysicus & Mathematicus.
  3. The Third, De Horizonte Aeternitatis: liber Theologicus, Mathematicus, & Hierotechnicus.

It may now be here also remembred, that almost three yeeres after the writing of this letter, I did somewhat satisfie the request of an honorable friend in Court, by speedilie penning some matter concerning her maiesties Sea-soueraigntie: vnder this title:

  1. Thalattocratia Brytannica,


    De Brytanico Maris Imperio, Collectanea Extemporanea: 4. dierum Spacio, celeri conscripta calamo. Anno. 1597. -- Septemb. 20. Mancestriæ.

¶ Truly I haue great cause to praise and thanke God, for your graces verie charitable vsing of me: both in sundry points else, & also in your fauorable yelding to, yea & notifying the due meanes for the performance of her Sacred Maiesties most gracious and bountifull disposition, resolution, and very royall beginning, to restore and giue vnto me (her Ancient faithfull seruant) some due maintenance: to leade the rest of my old daies, in some quiet and comfort: with habilitie, to retaine some speedy, faire, and Orthographicall writers, about me; and the same skilfull in Latine and Greeke (at the least:) aswell for mine owne bookes,and workes, faire and correctly to be written (such I meane, as either her most excellent Maiestie, out of the premisses will make choise of, or command to be finished or published; or such of them, as your grace shall thinke meete or worthy for my farther labor to be bestowed on:) as else for the speedy, faire, and true writing out of other ancient Authors their good and rare workes, in greeke or Latine which by Gods prouidence, haue been preserued frõ the spoile made of my Librarie, & of all my moueable goods here: &c. Anno. 1583. + In which Librarie, were about 4000 bookes: whereof, 700. were anciently written by hande: Some in Greeke, some in Latine, some in Hebrue: And some in other languages (as may by the whole Catalogus thereof appeare.) But the great losses and dammages which in sundry sorts I haue sustained, do not so much grieue my hart, as the rash, lewde, fond, and most vntrue fables and reports of me, and my studies philosophicall, haue done, & yet do: which cõmonly, after their first hatching, and diuelish deuising, immediatly with great speede, are generally all the Realme ouerspread; and to some, seeme true; to other, they are doubtfull: and to only the wise, modest, discreet, godly, and charitable (and chiefelie to such as haue some acquaintance with me) they appeare, and are knowne to be fables, vntruths, and vtterly false reports, and sclaunders. Well, this shall be my last charitable giuing of warning, and feruent protestation to my Countrimen and all other in this case:

+ Although that my last voyage beyond ye Seas, was duly vndertaken (by her Maiesties good fauour and licence) as by the same words may appeare in the Letter, written by the right honourable Lord Threasorer, vnto your grace in my behalfe, and her most excellent maiestie willing his honor so to do. Anno. 1590. the 20. of Ianuarie.

[A feruent protestatiõ]

Before the Almighty our God, and your Lordships good grace, this day, on the perill of my soules damnation (if I lie, or take his name in vaine herein) I take the same God, to be my witnese; That, with all my hart, with all my soule, with all my strength, power, and vnderstanding (according to the measure thereof, which the Almighty hath giuen me) for the most part of the time, from my youth hitherto, I haue vsed, and still vse, good, lawfull, honest, christian, and diuinely prescribed meanes, to attaine to the knowledge of those truthes, which are meet, and necessary for me to know; and wherwith to do his diuine Maiesty such seruice, as hee hath, doth, and will call me vnto, during this my life: for his honor and glory aduancing, and for the benefit, and commoditie publique of this kingdome; so much, as by the will, and purpose of God, shall lie in my skill, and hability to performe: as a true, faithfull, and most sincerely dutifull seruant, to our most gratious and incomparable Queene Elizabeth, and as a very comfortable fellow-member of the body politique, gouerned vnder the scepter Royal of our earthly Supreame head (Queene Elizabeth) and as a liuely sympathicall, and true symetricall fellow-member, of that holy and mysticall body, Catholicklie extended and placed (wheresoeuer) on the earth: in the view, knowledge, direction, protection, illumination, and consolation of the Almighty, most blessed, most holy, most glorious, comaiesticall, coëternall, and coëssentiall Trinity: The head of that body, being only our Redeemer, Christ Iesus, perfect God and perfect man: whose returne in glory, we faithfully awaite, and daily, do very earnestly cry vnto him to hasten his second comming, for his electes sake: iniquity doth so on this earth, abound, and preuaile, and true faith with charity, and Euangelicall simplicity, haue but colde, slender, and vncertaine intertainement, among the worldly-wise men of this worlde.

Therefore (herein concluding) I beseech the Almighty God, most aboundantly to increase and cofirme your graces heauenly wisdome, and endue you with all the rest of his heauenly gifts, for the relieuing, refreshing, and comforting, both bodily and spiritually, his little flocke of the faithfull, yet militant here on earth. Amen.

An Epilogue.

Good my Lord, I beseech your grace, to allowe of my plaine and comfortable Epilogus, for this matter at this time. Seeing, my studious exercises, and conuersation ciuile, may be aboundantly testified, to my good credit, in the most partes of all Christendome: and that, by all degrees of Nobility, by al degrees of the learned, and by very many other, of godly and Christian disposition, for the space of 46. yeeres triall: (as appeareth by the Recordes lately viewed by two honourable witnesses, by Commission from her Maiesty,) And seeing, for these 36. yeeres, last past, I haue beene her most excellent Maiesties very true, faithfull, and dutifull seruaunt; At whose royall mouth, I neuer receiued any one word of reproch; but all of fauor, and grace: In whose princely countenance, I neuer perceiued frowne toward me, or discontented regard, or view on me: but at all times fauorable, and gracious: to the great ioy and comfort of my true, faithfull, and loyall hart. And (thirdly) Seeing, the workes of my handes, and wordes of my mouth (heere before notified, in the Schedule of my bookes, and writings) may beare liuely witnesse of the thoughts of my hart, and inclination of my minde, generally, (as all wise men do know, and Christ himselfe doth auouch) It might, in manner, seeme needlesse, thus carefully (though most briefely and speedily) to haue warned or confounded the scornefull, the malicious, the proud, and the rash in their vntrue reports, opinions, and fables of my studies, or exercises Philosophicall: but that, it is of more importance, that the godly, the honest, the modest, the discreet, graue, and charitable Christians (English or other,) louers of Iustice, truth, and good learning, may, hereby, receiue certaine comfort in themselues (to perceiue, that Veritas tandem præualebit) and sufficiently be weaponed and armed with sound truth, to defende me against such kinde of my aduersaries: if hereafter they will begin afresh, or hould on, obstinately, in their former errors, vaine imaginations, false reportes, and most vngodly sclanders of me and my studies. ¶ Therefore, (to make all this cause, foreuer, before God and man, out of all doubt:) Seeing, your Lordships good grace, are, as it were, our high Priest, and chiefe Ecclesiasticall minister, (vnder our most dread and Soueraigne Ladie, Queene Elizabeth) to whose censure and iudgement, I submit all my studies and exercises; yea all my bookes, past, present and hereafter to be written, by me (of my own skill, iudgement, or opinion,) I do, at this present time, most humbly, sincerelie, and vnfainedly, and in the name of Almighty God, (yea for his honor and glory) request, and beseech your Grace, (when, and as conueniently you may) to be well and throughlie certified of me, what I am, Intus & in cute: Reuerendissime in Christo Pater, & Dignissime Archipræsul, cognosce & agnosce vultum tàm internum, quàm externum pecoris tui: And wherein I haue vsed, doe or shall vse, pen, speech, or conuersation, otherwise then as it appertaineth to a faithfull, carefull, sincere, and humble seruant of Christ Iesu, That your grace woulde vouchsafe to aduertise me. So, I trust, Vltima respondebunt primis: in such sort, as this Authentick Recorde in latine annexed (ad perpetuam rei memoriam,) doth testifie: hauing neuer, hitherto, had occasion to shewe that, in any place of Christendome: to testifie better of me, then they had proofe of me, themselues, by my conuersation among them. (The Almighty, therefore, be highly thanked, praised, honored, and glorified, for euer and euer, Amen.)

But nowe, in respect of the generall intent of this briefe
discourse, I most humbly, and reuerently, exhibit to
your graces view, and perusing, the originall monu-
ment, and Authenticke Record, before men-
tioned, faire written in parchment, with
the seale whole, and perfect, duly ap-
pendant: as I haue 46. yeeres, and
somewhat longer, preserued
it. The true copy wher-
of, your grace doth
see, to be verba-
, as fol-

VNiuersis Sanctæ matris Ecclesiæ filijs, ad quos præsentes literæ peruenturæ sunt, Vicecancellarius Cætusq; omnis Regentium & non Regentium, Vniuersitatis Cantabrigiæ, Salutem in Domino sempiternam. Conditiones & merita hominum in nostra Vniuersitate studentium, affectu sincero perpendentes, eos solos testimonio nostro ornandos esse arbitramur, quos scimus ob eruditionem, & morum probitatem promeritos esse, vt istud beneficium à nobis consequantur: Quamobrem, cùm hoc tempore, ipsa veritas testimonium nostrum sibi postulat, vestræ pietati, per has literas significamus, Quòd dilectus nobis in Christi, Ioannes Dee, Artium Magister, in dicta nostra vniuersitate, foeliciter versatus, plurimam sibi & doctrinæ & honestatis laudem comparauit: De cuius gradu, & conuersatione (quæ honestissima semper fuit,) ne qua vspiam ambiguitas, aut quæstio oriri possit, apud eos, quibus huius viri virtutes haud satis innotuerint, visum est nobis, in dicti Joannis gratiam, has literas nostra Testimoniales conscribere; & conscriptas, publico Academiæ nosræ sigilío, obsignare: quò, maiorem apud vos authoritatem, & pondus literæ nostræ habeant Bene valete. Datum Cantabrigiæ in plena Conuocatione Magistrorum Regentium, & non Regentium, Academiæ prædictæ: 14. Calend. Aprilis, Anno à Christo nato. 1548.

[For certaine due respects the very image of the foresaid seale, is not heere in portraiture published.]


THe Almightie and most mercifull God, the Father; for his only Sonne (our Redeemer) Iesus Christ his sake: by his holy spirit, so direct, blesse, and prosper all my studies, and exercises Philosophicall, (yea, all my thoughts, words, and deedes) henceforward, euen to the very moment of my departing from this world, That I may euidently and aboundantly be found, and vndoubtedly acknowledged of the wise and just, to haue beene a zealous and faithfull student in the Schoole of Verity, and an Ancient Graduate in the Schoole of Charity: to the honor and glory of the same God Almighty, and to the sound cõfort and confirming of such as faithfully loue & feare his diuine Maiestie, and vnfeinedly continue in labor to do good, on earth: when, while, to whome, and as they may, Amen.

Very speedily written, this twelfth euen, and twelfth day, in my poore Cottage, at Mortlake: Anno. 1595. currente à Natiuitate Christi: ast, An. 1594. Completo, à Conceptione eiusdem, cum nouem præterea mensibus, Completis.

Allwaies, and very dutifully, at your Graces commandement:

Iohn Dee.

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Printed by Peter Short, dwelling on Bred-
streete hill at the signe of
the Starre.